I have experienced firsthand how having a leader who deserves their title has been essential to the success of my business. One who can keep the team motivated and succeed in whatever action they were carrying out. Where the team would excel because they were being led by a leader who had earned their title, one who always led by example.

Be aware though the person you give the title of leader can make or shake your business. Therefore, great consideration should first be given before selecting someone for this title. Be sure exactly why you have chosen them; they must deserve it; they must be grateful for the opportunity and respect the honour that comes with having the title.

Many years ago, I worked in a corporate company where the role of leader was used as a power position, relationships came into play with who got promotions, preferred duties, higher wages, and other privileges depending on their relationship with the “leader and their title”. The work environment was one of untrust and despair, it did not matter what you produced in your workload, it was more important your social status with the leader as to how far you may go. At the time I really did not understand how wrong this misuse of power was, today I do.

You will know who to pick as your leader, they should be someone who follows all the rules, works smart, positive, has great communication skills, and is respected by their peers and most of all respects you, if you do not have that person, do not settle for less, try to find them or help someone become them.

Here are my four reasons why I think having a leader is a good one:

  1. To help steer your team toward success
    Having someone who has reason to uphold the standard you expect from all your team members. Who wants to be successful, not for power but because they have pride in what they are doing?
  2. Recognition and Reward for being an outstanding employee
    Some people do not want more than recognition from you to let them know you appreciate them and their efforts. Giving them a title of leader does this. It is giving them a reward for a job well done.
  3. They will take more ownership of their work
    When staff know they are appreciated by you they will endeavour to take on more ownership of their workplace. They will see their position as more than just a job.
  4. Help others grow
    If you have many employees, you may not have time to work with each of them and help them to grow and become better employees. When you give someone the title of leader, they will be able to help you to do this.

    Over the years, the most success we have had with leaders is when we have had more than one at any given time, we spread them out, so we are covering most of our opening hours by having a leader present, someone who will always have our business in their mind and goes the extra mile to make sure things are being done right.

Marie Temby, author of “Simple Soulful Successful“