Motivational Speaker

Marie doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, bringing real experiences she has lived through. Her approach comes from her signature motto :

“Small Business and Life Coaching
with results”

Topics Include
Characteristics of a Leader
Principles of Good Management
Increase Your Sales by 10% In Just 1 Day
Self-Improvement Skills to Improve Your Life
Set a Wildly Important Goal with Your Team
The Necessary Evil of Paperwork
Add Balance and Happiness in Your Life
Live with Principles
Build a Great Team
Introducing Daily Rituals
Deliver More Results
Lead Yourself First
Employee Workplace Improvement
Motivate Your Staff
Wow Your Customers
Build More Trust

How to Motivate Your Staff

Marie’s numerous topics are all tailored to small business owners and franchisees, on subjects relating to both personal and professional lifestyles.

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We found Marie’s talk invaluable for our team. We attended it just before Easter, which was brilliant timing as it brough the team together just before our busiest time of the year.
They loved Marie’s approachable nature, said the information was funny and relatable, and she came across knowledgeable but in no way patronising or authoritarian.
The main feedback was they appreciated that it wasn’t their mum or boss telling them what to do….the fact that Marie actually had nothing to benefit personally from their performance/whether they took it on board or not made them more willing to listen!
In the time since the training I have seen massive changes in attitude from nearly all the staff. They were always great kids, but they have more care for each other and how they impact the team. Attendance has improved and they are taking more ownership of their role.