Employer Mentoring Program

Get Yourself A Mentor To Scale & Grow Your Business Faster

This is an exclusive program with limited seats available, in which Marie Temby delivers powerful yet simple and soulful practices to give you unbreakable confidence that you can begin applying immediately.

This is the mentorship program you’ve been looking for to take your business to the next level. Imagine being guided into a new world full of potential by an expert in the business. Marie Temby has led thousands of employees, served over one million customers, been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales as a Multi-Site Franchisee, conquered hardships, lack of self-confidence, ups and downs in business, and so much more…

And now she’s giving you access to what it takes to run a thriving business and have motivated staff, who will help take your business to a new level, working together helping you to become the best version of yourself and discover a life full of balance and happiness.

Now is your time.

The Program

Personal and Professional Assessment
1 hr x monthly mentoring sessions
Exercizes to complete
Small Groups
Questions and Answers

Plus An Amazing Bonus!!
#1 International Bestselling Book Simple Soulful Successful A Mum-Preneur’s Journey To Daily Happiness, Through Business, Balance And Rituals.

All included when you buy!

$50.00 / month

what people are saying about Marie’s coaching

I met Marie five years ago when I was just starting out in my franchise journey with Baker’s Delight. She’s been a real guidance for me. We’ve worked together on how to develop my interviewing skills, how to improve staff and just getting the experience of working with her has been awesome.