Employee Mentoring Program

Get Your Employees A Mentor So They Grow Faster

This is an exclusive program with limited seats available, in which Marie Temby delivers powerful yet simple and soulful practices which your staff can use immediately to improve your business.

This will help them understand what it is you as an employer is looking for in your staff. Giving them tools to be able to stand out for all the right reasons, as well as lifelong skills that will work for them during their time with you and long after their gone.

Imagine having a whole team of employees being guided by an expert who has studied what it takes for them to be extraordinary for more than a quarter of a century.

Marie Temby has led thousands of employees, served over one million customers, so understands what it takes to be the best. Your staff can be the first in this world wide mentoring program, you will reap instant rewards by seeing your sales increase and the motivation of your team go through the roof.

Investing in your staff is one of the wisest investments you may ever make. Now is your time.

The Program

Personal Assessment on signing
1 hr x monthly mentoring sessions
Exercizes for them to complete
Small groups
Questions and Answers

Plus An Amazing Bonus!!
Simple Handbook for Employees 7 Tips to be an Extraordinary Employee

All included when you buy!

$20.00 / month


I met Marie five years ago when I was just starting out in my franchise journey with Baker’s Delight. She’s been a real guidance for me. We’ve worked together on how to develop my interviewing skills, how to improve staff and just getting the experience of working with her has been awesome.