In business, it is hard continually thinking of ideas, brainstorming and planning different ways to deliver results.

There is always so much going on and mostly you just manage to get through what is expected of you instead of going that little bit extra each time.

Things may be going well but why not push just a little bit harder, so you achieve great results yourself, and help your staff to also.

Here are four suggestions you may find helpful in assisting you to do this:

1. Have goals

Come up with a goal or goals you would like to achieve in your business, for the next week, month or year. Aim high, so you are pushing yourself but not so high that it is unachievable.

Make it a SMART goal:
Specific – be detailed about what the goal is and what you want to achieve.
Measurable – so you can tell when it has been achieved.
Attainable – make sure it is doable.
Relevant – have it aligned with who you are and what your business is about.
Time-bound – give it a time frame.

2. Assign tasks

Include your whole team in the goal. Help everyone understand what you are aiming for and why. If possible, when assigning the tasks try to give each person something that aligns with their individual strengths. Giving them ownership will motivate them more and you will see results quicker.

Apart from giving them advice on what to do, give them the power to use their initiative to come up with some of their own ideas to help them succeed.

3. Continual improvement

It is important to focus on everyone’s development and progress along the way, if someone is being left behind, try to help them catch up, by offering suggestions.

Not everyone will progress at the same pace, it is important to let everyone know that even a small improvement is an improvement.

If you have enough in your team buddy them up with someone who you know they will want to work with, (provided they work well together), when staff are teamed up with their friend toward a goal it can be a great combination.

4. Encourage and motivate

It is super important that you keep everyone updated along the way with how they are going as well as how the overall team is going. Set a reminder on your phone to remind you to do this.

Share results, especially the good results with everyone. Use encouraging phrases often like “well done”, “you can do this”, and “I believe in you”.

If someone is smashing it, share their ideas to help others move along quicker, but acknowledge them when doing this.

When you have a goal and implement the steps correctly almost anything is possible big or small. The most enjoyable thing with achieving goals in business is celebrating them with your team, letting them know everyone pulled their weight.

Helping staff achieve goals build self-esteem, giving your team the fuel, they need so they will want to head straight into the next goal, so they can have that feeling again.


Marie Temby, author of “Simple Soulful Successful“