It is no secret millennials are recognised as “job-hoppers” when they think the grass is greener elsewhere. Today is a very different and tough working environment, which is only going to get tougher, therefore they may need to reconsider this option, as getting new employment will be harder than it has ever been, and keeping it may become a concern.

Which is good news for employers who have had trouble retaining them for any length of time. Putting in the hard yards with them, only to have them leave when they perceive a better option.

I have put together five secrets to help employers keep the millennials sitting at the top of the tree, have them be happier and wanting to stay for a longer length of time.

Give them challenges and set targets
Millennials like to achieve, they want to win, not necessary for the reward, for recognition and the challenge itself. If you continually provide them with a goal or target to chase they will be invested enough to ensure they succeed not only for you, also themselves.

Build more trust
Everyone thrives better in an environment with more trust. Show them loyalty when it counts, back their decisions. Listen to them as well as giving them advice. Show them honesty by being transparent with what is happening in the business. Let them see your authentic self and allow them to be theirs.

Set them up with a great team.
Millennials like working with people who will lift them up, not pull them down. They do not want to come to work and worry others have an agenda that perhaps is not in alignment with the rest of the team. If they show concern about someone, you must follow it up. You need to ensure you do not allow any Negative Nancy’s to poison the team.

Communicate with them often.
Millennials are always wanting to know what is going on. If they think they are out of the loop they quickly lose interest. When they feel they know what is going on, they take pride and ownership in all they do. They want as much information as you can share. They usually reply to all communication quickly and want the same in return.
Never think the information is not worth sharing as they just soak up any news.

Compliment them often.
Millennials like to know you appreciate their work and what they are doing. It is important to share with them your gratitude and pass it on to others within the team as well. The more they feel appreciated the more they will do for you in return.

You will find when you introduce all the above practices into the workplace you will notice a difference in your Millennial’s performance and overall happiness.


Marie Temby, author of “Simple Soulful Successful“