Anytime you walk into your business there can be a dozen things needing your attention. Staff asking questions, something may be broken, a customer needs assistance, you’ve run out of an item, and many more things.

You cannot solve it all at once, these actions can leave you stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, the build-up of pressure to not only do it all but do it all now.

Surely, if you hadn’t just walked into your business, they would have found a solution. Thinking you have to fix everything may be how you feel, but it isn’t helpful.

I have learnt some practices which may help you focus on the important stuff.

  1. Before walking into your business, take some deep breathes and think positive thoughts, walk in with a smile on your face always. This will improve the atmosphere instantly and put everyone in a happy place, including yourself.
  2. Be prepared for whatever is thrown at you and take it in peacefully. Listen carefully taking time with each one before moving onto the next. Always pause before you make any response.
  3. Write things down so you can see them together, then if your list is big enough you can place them in order of importance. If you don’t write them down, you may forget something.
  4. Focus 100 per cent on the job or task you are working on, do not multi-task, even the most skilled people cannot multi-task well.
  5. Allocate a time for each task before you begin and try not to move onto another task until you fully finish the one you are working on.
  6. Let the small things go, unless it effects your bottom line or someone else’s, you do not have to do it all. Learn it is okay to say no.
  7. Ask your staff to give you some uninterrupted time. Chose the best place and amount of time required where you can switch off.
  8. Ensure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation will hurt your energy levels and focusing will be too difficult.
  9. Make sure you are taking short breaks, without these your productivity levels will drop.
  10. Drink water to keep hydrated, it is easy to forget to do this if you have a lot on your mind, always have a glass at your desk or carry a bottle with you.
  11. Switch off social media, put your phone away and turn off notifications, it can be tempting to look if you hear the ping of a notification coming through.
  12. Make sure your work environment is clean and tidy, you will function better, and your focus will be clearer, take the time to tidy before you finish each day, so it is ready for you the next day.
  13. If a job is too big, ask for help, knowing you have assistance will increase your productivity as you will relax instead of stressing thinking that you may not finish.
  14. Have some healthy snacks nearby, so you can grab quickly when you are feeling hungry.

Remember there are some things in life you can’t control, you do have the power to control what you focus on and how you do it.