The Coronavirus has had people lose money, homes, jobs and security they had put aside for their futures. In a world that can be clouded with so much negativity, how do we keep our minds where they need to be and focus on the good stuff and not the bad?

I have a saying I use with my family which is, do not worry about things you cannot control, spend the time worrying about things you can.

When COVID first hit, I remember sitting down on the bench watching the sunset with my husband, he was talking about the worse situation, losing our home, our cars, our business, everything as a family we had worked for. I felt his pain as he believed it was his role to support the family. It made me become overly concerned for him. He needed to know, whatever happened to us as a family was out of his control, and we would deal with it together as a family, be united, this was not going to be something he had to do alone.

Fortunately for us, we have been surviving through COVID, and hopefully continue to, although nothing is guaranteed during a pandemic.

I thought this was a time to share five of the ways you can use to stay positive during tough times.

  1. Keep your positive influences close by.
    We all have those positive friends who can lift your spirits when you are feeling down. Spend more time with them. Limit your time with anyone negative, they will just bring you down, having you worry more than you already are.
  2. Avoid negative media.
    There is so much media taking place every day about Covid, well-meaning customers and friends who want to share all the negative news going around. Holding onto the doom and gloom they can and feeling the need to share it with you. Advise them you do not want to know and just listen to the advice you need to know, things which affect you and your business.
  3. Find three things to be grateful for every day.
    Even in the worse situations, everyone can find something to be grateful for. Whether it be their home, clothing, food, a family member, or even a friend, if you look hard enough you will find three things in every day you have to be grateful for, instead of focusing on what you have not.
  4. Get outdoors and exercise.
    It is easy to sit inside and feel sorry for your situation, doing this will only escalate your worries. Get outside when you can and go for a walk, jog or even a run. Breathe in some fresh air.
  5. Do something for someone else
    Helping others has a double effect, it makes the person you are helping feel good, but you also receive a boost. There is always someone who is going through something worse than you are. Work out who they are and do something you can, to help them.

It is an incredibly sad and tough time for all concerned and not too many people have managed to get through unscathed, hope these tips can help you to keep your positivity levels high.


Marie Temby, author of “Simple Soulful Successful“