Life Coaching Packages

Live Your Life the Simple To Successful Way

For people who no longer want excuses on why they aren’t happy in their lives, who are too busy doing what is expected of them and not having any time for themselves – you may know what you want, your just not sure how to get there, it your time to start living life on your terms,
Simply, Soulfully and Successfully.

Price $100 p/month

This includes:

. 3 hour Deep Dive into the Simple to Successful Life Balance Assessment.
. Goal setting sessions.
. Unlimited email and phone support.
. Facebook Group with other like minded people.
. 1 x 45-60 minute appointment per month, zoom or face-face.
. Worksheets to refer to at all times.
. Strategies and Action Steps to put your life in balance.

Small Business Coaching Packages

More Profits and Revenue
The Simple To Successful Way

Owning a small business is getting harder, costing more whilst leaving even less in you pocket than before.
It is time to take action, this package is for small business owners who no longer want to deal with the overwhelm of running their business on their own, who want more revenue, increased profits and a balanced lifestyle.
For those too busy on the treadmill keeping everything moving instead of having the time to stand back and implement tools and strategies that work, now with this coaching package you have more strategies, along with the action steps required so you can begin to run a business more,

Simply, Soulfully and Successfully
And earn the profits you deserve!

Price $1000 p/month
Only $250 p/week

This includes:

. 3 hour Deep Dive into your Business.
(Where we show your expected increases using our software with over 40 small business strategies)
. Implementation Session.
(Putting strategies in priority order and timelines for each strategy, each business needs different priorities)
. 3, 6, 9, 12 Month Goal Planning session. (event planning included).
. Quarterly Reviews.
. Weekly/Fortnightly 45-60 min, face to face/zoom meetings, depending on requirement at the time.
. Facebook Group with like minded small business owners.
. Unlimited phone and email support.
. Workbook to keep all work for future reference.
. Access of up to 200 of Marie’s Business Strategies that work, straight from her very own Treasure Chest.

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