Just like your personal life, having trust in your professional life is vitally important. When there is trust, you will have a workforce turning up with their best self each time. Here are some ideas that if you introduce you will begin to see improvement in your workplace relationships.

1. Back your team, commitments and promises
Make others look good, support, and let them know you are there.

Defend your people. Defend in public, criticise in private. Take one for the team, if you must cut back, ensure you cut yourself back also. Set strong standards and lead. Always be available. Let them know you have their back. A commitment is an act, a promise is an oath. For commitments do all you can to make it happen, set goals, stay inspired, look at the big picture and stay on course. To make a promise, acknowledge your commitment, write it down, place where you will be reminded of it often. Create the plan, and then carry it out. Apart from your self-esteem, improving you will also gain respect from your staff.

2. The power of authenticity, truth, and respect
Being authentic means being genuine to who you really are. So, first you must know who you are and be in touch with that person. Not who others think you should be. Authentic means being kind, being unkind is being your worst self. You need to learn the art of surrendering, doing what feels right. Bring your whole self each time, regardless of what others think.

Trust yourself more often and do what feels natural, you will attract the right people around you.

To display more characteristics of the truth, display more congruency and be consistent with all that you do. Stick to the facts with all that you say and with your actions.

Being in the company of someone you trust is both liberating and freeing. It is important to allow and listen to other people’s opinions. Treat people the same way as you want to be treated. You need to respect yourself first before you can respect others. Be polite and grateful, follow the advice of people in authority.

3. Transparent, confront issues or concerns, honesty
When you are transparent you will increase your staff’s happiness. They will want to share their ideas, as a bonus you will also increase your relationship with customers. Continually share results both good and bad. Be straight to the point in your discussions, do not beat around the bush.

Prepare for any confrontation, set the environment and be productive with your communication. Be rehearsed and have a solution you would like to see. Be accountable for your part. Confrontation provides everyone with clarity, clearing the air.

4. Deliver results
To deliver results you should have a goal. Assign tasks to individual strengths. Continually strive for improvements. Encourage and motivate your team. Ensure they understand the purpose of the goal. Aim high so if they do not achieve it, they still achieve a great result.

Focus on each person’s development and progress. Be open for them to offer feedback. Be organised and do not seek perfection.

Make sure you lay out the process and go at an acceptable pace. Having trust with my staff makes every decision easier.

Marie Temby, author of “Simple Soulful Successful”