About Marie Temby

Become Your Authentic Self And Become The Leader You Were Born To Be With Business And Life Mentor, Marie Temby

For over twenty-six years, Marie Temby has been a successful franchisee, employing thousands of employees and serving over a million customers and generating tens of millions in sales.

She became an International #1 Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, designing online courses and forming mentorships to help small business owners and employees to have more success.

Her journey began as a young woman holding the key to her business with no prior training at all.

It was not easy, life on the outside looked perfect, but on the inside was a different story, she lived with daily overwhelm, never able to complete what was on her to do list, let alone have any time for things that made her happy.

It became her burning desire to find ways to save herself, save her family and to give herself back time she needed to get her life back on track, she figured if she was feeling like this then surely other small business owners, franchisees, who have a family, must be feeling similar, and after meeting many of them she discovered they did.

This was when she knew she had a purpose, which was to help others escape the overwhelm that had consumed her earlier years.

She read books from great entrepreneurs, attended conferences, completed online courses, and listened to great speakers, taking notes, and learning the whole time so she could share what she was learning.
What was happening to her was remarkable, adding the practises she was learning to her daily life, she began to feel balance in both her personal and professional life, and was experience more success than ever before. On top of this all her days were full of happiness.

Her focus ever since has been to help other small business owners and franchisees find the same success, balance, and happiness she has found.

In 2020, she published her book “Simple Soulful Successful – A Mumpreneurs Journey to Daily Happiness through Business, Balance and Rituals.”

The book shares her journey guided by the following life principles: family first, passion, gratitude, health, continual learning, positivity, rituals, improvement, honesty (promise and loyalty) and spirituality.

Marie had continued to search for the perfect planner that could hold all the information that she needed, discover many were good, but she could not find one that had everything she needed, so she designed one that would and then went on to publish her own “Simple Soulful Successful Planner – 6 Months Undated Monthly Weekly Daily Planner which was specifically designed for what she needed to maintain the happy and balanced life, she was now living.

After the book and the planner were helping so many people Marie knew she had to do more, that is where her online course, mentoring and retreats became a part of her overall plan to make an impact in the world, helping small business owners and franchisees become exceptional leaders and employees to become extraordinary.

Marie has been investing in her personal development for years and has been fortunate to have had great coaches who have been collaborating with her to help her to spread what she has learnt. She knew it was important to share her message, as what she has to offer works, not because someone told her it does, because everything she teaches, she has practiced herself either in her own business or personal life.
Marie discovered people enjoy her simple approach, the world is full of people making life more difficult than it needs to be. People do not have time for all the extras that most people teach that comes with getting results, they just want simple steps, which will have them achieving more success.

On top of this Marie helps people understand that for you to have success feel like it is success, it must come from authenticity, otherwise there is no joy attached.

Currently Marie has a monthly article sharing her knowledge with Inside Small Business in Australia. She runs online courses, runs her own live events, guest speaking and mentoring online with employers to become exceptional leaders and employees to be extraordinary.

Marie grew up in a regional country town, in outback Australia, called Broken Hill, she made the move to the city before owning her business. She has been with her husband now for over thirty-six years, they have two grown up sons, and enjoys spending time with her family and finding new things to add to her already fulfilled life.

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